After years of being, on several ways, in the 'playfield' of security/privacy/artistical work/protest art/critical thoughts and digital human rights, it's due circumstances, with no further reason, time for me to stop. This will be my last one on the net. The 'rats' are leaving the sinking ship, and i am not putting any more energy in your freedom, which you obivisouly not want. It's time to take care for myself and i am on the move to do other things.

If you compare early physical locks and the development of these locks over the years, so it will be in the digital society. I am sorry to say, but we building our own super jail. Humans has to figure out something else on emotional, humanity and spiritual way to trust each other. Building walls, technical secure areas are not a solution and in my opinion horrible. This website and all the subdomains will automatically go offline and so do i. Rudy Kruger

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